Juicy Fruits!

Japanese Street Fashion for Plus Sized People.

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Welcome to Juiceh Fruits, a community for big guys and gals that are fans of Japanese Street Fashion.

Before you join:
There are some things we should straigten out.
  • Fruits = All Fashion that includes a creative effort.
    Decora, Lolita style, Ganguro, Kogal, etc. etc. etc. are part of the fruits family. Don't EVER say that something isn't fruity or feel that something you've done isn't fruity enough!
  • splitpea is the mod.
  • Although this is a community for people that consider themselves one of the following:
    Fat, chubby, plump, curvy, and, of course, JUICY! People that consider themselves skinny are more than welcome to join. This community was made for chubby people, like splitpea to quickly search out outfits that might work on her body type, plus, it always feels good to know you're not the only one.

  • Place ALL images after the first one underneath an LJ cut.
  • Please, no intro posts. We'll know you're here when you start posting questions and images.
  • No off-topic posts. splitpea will delete anything unrelated to the community.
  • Post all ad's for Pen Pals in fruitsypenpals.
  • If you post something and want to change it, edit the original post. DO NOT make a new post! The livejournal FAQ can teach you anything you want to know.
  • Please, don't sell small stuff! Post only if you have a relevant item(Fruity Plus Size clothing).
  • No stationary, alarm clocks, home decor, or bathroom tiles. I know it can be pretty and fruitsy, but this is a community all about clothing, make-up, hair, and accessories.
  • Play nice! Don't ever insult one another. Being mean is soooooo cliche' and uncreative.

    AND the most important rule of all
  • If in doubt, don't post it!

    Want to learn more about the specific branches in the Fruits family tree?
  • fruits
  • ganguro
  • decora_hoshi
  • kogals
  • showyourstuff